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Elia Merzari

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  • Nuclear Engineering

228 Hallowell Building


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Journal Articles

  • Landon Brockmeyer, Elia Merzari, Jerome Solberg, Kostas Karazis and Yassin Hassan, 2019, "High fidelity simulation and validation of crossflow through a tube bundle and the onset of vibration", International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 117
  • Mustafa Alper Yildiz, Elia Merzari and Yassin A. Hassan, 2019, "Spectral and modal analysis of the flow in a helical coil steam generator experiment with large eddy simulation", International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 80
  • Ferry Roelofs, Heleen Uitslag-Doolaard, Daniele Dovizio, Blaz Mikuz, Afaque Shams, Fulvio Bertocchi, Martin Rohde, Julio Pacio, Ivan Di Piazza, Graham Kennedy, Katrien Van Tichelen, Aleks Obabko and Elia Merzari, 2019, "Towards validated prediction with RANS CFD of flow and heat transport in a wire-wrap fuel assembly", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 353
  • Javier Martínez, Yu Hsiang Lan, Elia Merzari and M. Min, 2019, "On the use of LES-based turbulent thermal-stress models for rod bundle simulations", International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 142
  • Dillon R. Shaver, Lane B. Carasik, Elia Merzari, Nate Salpeter and Edward Blandford, 2019, "Calculation of Friction Factors and Nusselt Numbers for Twisted Elliptical Tube Heat Exchangers Using Nek5000", Journal of Fluids Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 141, (7)
  • Giacomo Busco, Elia Merzari and Yassin A. Hassan, 2019, "Invariant analysis of the Reynolds stress tensor for a nuclear fuel assembly with spacer grid and split type vanes", International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 77, pp. 144-156
  • Jonathan K. Lai, Elia Merzari and Yassin A. Hassan, 2019, "Sensitivity analyses in a buoyancy-driven closed system with high resolution CFD using Boussinesq approximation and variable density models", International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 75, pp. 1-13
  • Elia Merzari, H. Yuan, A. Kraus, A. Obabko, P. Fischer, J. Solberg, S. Lee, J. Lai, M. Delgado and Y. Hassan, 2019, "High-Fidelity Simulation of Flow-Induced Vibrations in Helical Steam Generators for Small Modular Reactors", Nuclear Technology, 205, (1-2), pp. 33-47

Conference Proceedings

  • Haomin Yuan, Elia Merzari, Yiqi Yu, Aleksandr Obabko, Mustafa A. Yildiz, Gerrit Botha and Yassin A. Hassan, 2019, "Applying tet-to-hex meshing method to complex nuclear reactor geometries for spectral element code", pp. 127-135
  • S. Lomperski, A. Obabko and Elia Merzari, 2019, "Buoyancy-driven transformations in a thermal striping flow field", pp. 3856-3864
  • F. Roelofs, H. Uitslag-Doolaard, B. Mikuz, D. Dovizio, D. de Santis, A. Shams, F. Bertocchi, M. Rohde, K. van Tichelen, S. Keijers, G. Kennedy, A. Batta, J. Pacio, P. Planquart, A. Obabko, L. Brockmeyer, Elia Merzari, R. Vaghetto, Y. Hassan, D. Leonard, M. Martin, B. Jackson, M. Steer, M. Delchini and D. Pointer, 2019, "CFD and experiments for wire-wrapped fuel assemblies", pp. 5716-5729
  • Prasad Vegendla, Adrian Tentner, Dillon Shaver, Aleks Obabko and Elia Merzari, 2019, "Development and validation of a conjugate heat transfer model for the two-phase CFD code NEK-2P", pp. 2666-2685
  • Jinyong Feng, Michael Acton, Emilio Baglietto, Adam R. Kraus and Elia Merzari, 2019, "Evaluation of turbulence modeling approaches for the prediction of cross-flow in a helical tube bundle", pp. 136-148
  • Yiqi Yu, Emily R. Shemon, Taek K. Kim and Elia Merzari, 2019, "Hot channel factor evaluation for sodium-cooled fast reactors with multi-physics sharp toolkit", pp. 6096-6109
  • R. Martineau, D. Andrs, R. Carlsen, D. Gaston, J. Hansel, F. Kong, A. Lindsay, C. Permann, A. Slaughter, Elia Merzari, Rui Hu, A. Novak and R. Slaybaugh, 2019, "Multiphysics for nuclear energy applications using a cohesive computational framework", pp. 3092-3106
  • S. Bhushan, M. Elmellouki, W. D. Jock, D. K. Walters, J. K. Lai, Y. A. Hassan, A. Obabko and Elia Merzari, 2019, "Numerical investigation of flow and heat transfer characteristics for attached and separated low-PR flows", 2
  • H. Dolfen, J. de Ridder, L. Brockmeyer, Elia Merzari, G. Kennedy, K. van Tichelen and J. Degroote, 2019, "Numerical simulations of the turbulence-induced vibrations of a wire-wrapped hexagonal fuel assembly", pp. 5092-5102
  • Javier Martínez and Elia Merzari, 2019, "On the use of small-scale LES for full-length heated fuel rod simulations", pp. 4755-4768
  • Adam Kraus, Yan Cao, Elia Merzari and Yousry Gohar, 2019, "Thermal hydraulic design of an accelerator driven subcritical system for burning minor actinides", pp. 220-233
  • Elia Merzari, 2019, "Toward exascale: Large eddy simulation and direct numerical simulation of nuclear reactor flows with the spectral element method", pp. 2064-2080
  • Jonathan K. Lai, Elia Merzari, Yassin A. Hassan and Aleksandr Obabko, 2019, "Validation and development of DNS database for low Prandtl numbers in rod bundle", 2
  • Aleksandr Obabko, Elia Merzari, Landon Brockmeyer, Paul Fischer, Tanju Sofu, Brian Jackson, Michael Steer, Rodolfo Vaghetto and Yassin A. Hassan, 2019, "Validation of NEK5000 for 37- And 61-pin wire-wrap geometries with conjugate heat transfer", pp. 2036-2049

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