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Amanda Johnsen

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  • Radiation Science & Engineering Center
  • Nuclear Engineering

224 Hallowell Building


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  • BS, Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000
  • Ph D, Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2008


Journal Articles

  • Amanda Melia Johnsen, Chad B. Durrant and Kenan Unlu, 2019, "Neutron activation analysis of ancient Italian tile samples", Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 322, pp. 1529-1535
  • Maksat Kuatbek, Amanda Melia Johnsen and Kenan Unlu, 2019, "Characterization of soil, sediment, and wastewater samples from hydraulic fracturing processes using the comparative NAA method", Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 322, pp. 1563-1570
  • Travis L Tasker, William D Burgos, Moses A Ajemigbitse, N E Lauer, A Gusa, Maksat Kuatbek, D May, J D Landis, D S Alessi, Amanda Melia Johnsen, J Kaste, K Headrick, F DH Wilke, M McNeal, M Engle, A Jubb, R Vidic, A Vengosh and Nathaniel R. Warner, 2019, "Accuracy of methods for reporting inorganic element concentrations and radioactivity in oil and gas wastewaters from the Appalachian Basin, U.S. based on an inter-lab comparison", Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, 21
  • Amanda Melia Johnsen and Kenan Unlu, 2018, "Neutron Activation Analysis Capabilities and Applications at the Radiation Science and Engineering Center at Penn State", Forensic Chemistry
  • Yi Shi, Amanda Melia Johnsen and Anthony Di Pasqua, 2017, "Holmium for Use in Cancer Therapy", Comments on Inorganic Chemistry, 37, (6), pp. 281-300
  • Amanda M Johnsen, Brenden J. Heidrich, Chad B. Durrant, Andrew J. Bascom and Kenan Unlu, 2015, "Reactor Production of 64Cu and 67Cu Using Enriched Zinc Target Material", Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
  • Amanda Melia Johnsen, C Z Soderquist, B K McNamara and D R Fisher, 2013, "A Non-Aqueous Reduction Process for Purifying 153Gd Produced in Natural Europium Targets", Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 82, pp. 158-165
  • C Z Soderquist, Amanda Melia Johnsen, B K McNamara, B D Hanson, J W Chenault, K J Carson and S M Peper, 2011, "Dissolution of Irradiated Commercial UO2 Fuels in Ammonium Carbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 50, pp. 1813-1818
  • S A Bryan, T G Levitskaia, Amanda Melia Johnsen, C R Orton and J M Peterson, 2011, "Spectroscopic Monitoring of Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Streams: An Evaluation of Spent Fuel Solutions via Raman, Visible, and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy", Radiochimica Acta, 99, pp. 563-571
  • Robert Eichler, N V Aksenov, Y V Albin, A V Belozerov, G A Bozhikov, V I Chepigin, S N Dmitriev, R Dressler, H W Gaggeler, V A Gorshkov, R A Henderson, Amanda Melia Johnsen, J M Kenneally, V Y Lebedev, O N Malyshev, K J Moody, Y T Oganessian, Y T Petrushkin, D Piguet, A G Popeko, P Rasmussen, A Serov, D A Shaughnessy, S V Shishkin, A V Shutov, M A Stoyer, N J Stoyer, A I Svirikhin, E E Tereshatov, G K Vostokin, M Wegrzecki, P A Wilk, D Wittwer and A V Yeremin, 2010, "Indication for a Volatile Element 114", Radiochimica Acta, 98, pp. 133-139

Conference Proceedings

  • S A Bryan, T G Levitskaia, A M Lines, J M Billing, A J Casella, Amanda Melia Johnsen, J M Peterson and E M Thomas, 2009, "On-line Monitoring for Control and Safeguarding of Radiochemical Streams at Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plants", Proceedings of the 2nd Japan-IAEA Workshop on Advanced Safeguards Technology for the Future Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Tokai-mura, Ibaraki, Japan, November 10–13, 2009.
  • S A Bryan, T G Levitskaia, A J Casella, Amanda Melia Johnsen and J M Peterson, 2009, "On-Line Moni- toring for Control and Safeguarding of Radiochemical Streams at Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plant", Proceedings of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management: 50th Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ, July 12–16, 2009.
  • Marc A Wonders, Amanda Melia Johnsen, Candace C Davison, S Cheng, David L Chichester and Marek Flaska, , "Assessment of Modern Silicon Photomultiplier Radiation Hardness in a Nuclear Security Context", 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, NSS/MIC 2018 - Proceedings, IEEE

Technical Reports


  • Amanda Melia Johnsen, S A Bryan, T G Levitskaia, C Z Soderquist and J M Peterson, 2009, "On-line Process Monitoring of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Solutions", Transactions of the American Nuclear Society

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