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Pierre-Clément Simon presents his Ph.D. research at TMS2021 (video).


Pierre-Clément attended TMS2021, which took place remotely, to present part of his Ph.D. research. In this presentation, Pierre-Clément Simon presents his latest research on the quantification of zirconium embrittlement due to hydride microstructure using image analysis. Realizing that zirconium embrittlement due to hydrides through the cladding thickness depends on the exact microstructure and connectivity of the hydride particle network, he developed a new metric that quantifies hydride morphology in a way that correlates with the fracture behavior of the material. In this presentation, he explains how this new metric, the Radial Hydride Continuous Path (RHCP), was developed and tested. The RHCP is compared against existing metrics, demonstrating a more precise assessment of the effect of hydrides on cladding integrity.


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